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Weekend Racing & Family Sailing at LBSC!

New in 2018: Family Sailing Days. These sailing get-togethers / friendly races will take place  July 7  and August 11, 2018.  Those interested in participating in Family Sailing Days should contact LBSC’s Head Instructor (see Contact Us).  If there’s enough interest, racing can also be arranged.

Club Championships

Once again this summer, LBSC will host the Annual Club Championships (11th Anniversary Regatta) on Sunday, August 5, 2018.

Race Organization

Boats: You are allowed to bring your own boat or borrow a club boat upon request. Please talk to the head instructor or a director of Junior Sailing.

Courses: The race committee (a club volunteer) will announce the course to be sailed before the race and set marks accordingly. For keelboats, surrounding islands may be announced as course marks before the race.

Start: There will be a separate start for each class of boat. There will be a 5 minute countdown starting sequence with whistle signals. The race committee will set two starting marks for a start line. The first race will start at 1:00pm. A race meeting will be held at 12:30 pm.

Rules: The rules will be the same as those written in The Racing Rules of Sailing. The rulebook is available for purchase at LBSC.

For more information: Contact coordinator Lara Lever (leverlara[at]