Registration for the Week of August 3rd

Our sailors are having a wonderful time and our instructors are doing a great job making sure they stay safe while enjoying and improving on their sailing.

For the week of August 3rd, we are maintaining 24 sailors in the morning and 24 sailors in the afternoon. The structure will remain the same as this past week:


  • 2 cohorts, 8 each CanSail 2 and 3
  •  1 cohort, 8 sailors CanSail 1 – one week only. Must be age 9 this calendar year. Please include your child’s date of birth.  (We reserve the right to cancel mid week and refund the registration fees if instructors determine that the program cannot work for CanSail 1).


  • 2 cohorts, 8 each CanSail 4, 5 and 6
  • 1 cohort, 8 sailors Teen sailing – one week only

Given the limited spaces available, we will be restricting enrollment in the Sailing School to LBSC members only (enrollment for 2020 is also available on the registration page). Should demand for the school exceed our capacity, we will allocate spots based on a lottery.

Registration Procedures

If you wish to enrol your child in the program for the August 3rd start, please indicate your interest through the Contact Us page before noon on Thursday July 30th with the full name of your child, CanSail level and date of birth. If allocated a spot, you will be contacted by the club and will be required to register and pay for the session within 24 hours. If this is not completed, the spot will be allocated to another sailor. If you are not allocated a spot, we will place your child on a wait list.

For weeks other than the August 3rd start, please contact the club and we will reach out as we expand the program.