Parent Code of Conduct

  1. I am registering my child or children in the LBSC Sailing programs so that they have fun, learn more about sailing, and learn more about being a good team-player.
  2. I will encourage my child or children to follow the LBSC Participant’s Code of Conduct.
  3. I will respect the instructors and encourage my child or children to respect them.
  4. I acknowledge that my child or children need to be careful with equipment, such as rudders, and spinnaker poles. They also need to try not to crash into other boats. I acknowledge that I am responsible for losses causes by my child’s carelessness or recklessness, and will be charged the cost of replacement or repair in such cases.
  5. I acknowledge that my child will get the most out of the program if they are in the correct level, and will not challenge or dispute the level they are assigned to by the instructors. In other words, I am not helping my child if I insist that they be put in a level that is too high for them. If I have questions about this, I will communicate with the head instructor.
  6. I acknowledge that the learning and demonstration of knowledge and skills required for a child to pass from one sailing level to another is considerable. The learning that can occur also depends on the weather conditions during my child’s program.
  7. I will bring my child or children on time for the program, or encourage them to be on time. This means early enough to help set up (rig) sailboats and participate in pre-sailing lessons and games.
  8. I understand that if my child doesn’t follow the participant code of conduct, they can be given a warning or may have to leave for the day. In extreme or serious situations, or where there is repeated failure to adhere to the Participant’s Code of Conduct, they may not be able to return to the program. No refunds will be given in any of these situations. If they have to leave for the day and are not picked up promptly, additional charges may be levied if we assign an instructor to care for them while they are waiting to be picked up.

Please download printable PDF, to be signed by participating parents.