Accepting Applications for 2021 Sailing School Instructors

We are calling for applications for Junior Sailing Instructors, which are to be comprised of a current resume and a detailed cover letter.

Your cover letter must clearly outline:

  • Your experience at LBSC as a sailor and / or racer, and instructor (what levels you have taught, etc.)
  • Your current Sailing and Instructor Levels / Modules Obtained
  • Summary of any recerts you must complete for the upcoming summer, and how / when you plan to get these (it is okay if you have not confirmed details yet)
  • Upgraded Instructor Levels / Modules you plan to achieve prior to next summer
  • Leadership, organizational, and personal attributes and strengths
  • Your desired areas for changes / improvement at the club
  • Your vision to create the best possible experience for children new to LBSC

Please send your resume and cover letter in PDF format via e-mail to the following Junior Program Directors, no later than February 15th, 2021: