Matthew Peebles Memorial Award The Matt Peebles Memorial Award - dedicated in 2013 - is awarded annually to the LBSC Instructor who best exemplifies the attributes of an inspiring and enthusiastic ambassador for LBSC.  The award is to be voted on annually by all LBSC Members (Sailors, Parents and Instructors).
Tamara Carinci Award Tamara was a past member and director at the Lake of Bays Sailing Club and a strong believer in the values instilled in the children that enrolled in the Sailing Club's Progarm.  This award is presented to the Junior sailor who exemplifies a purpose to suceed in spite of all the difficulties, obstacles or discouragement experienced.
Bennet-Stewart Trophy This trophy recognizes the top male Junior Sailor in the weekend races.
Bigwin Trophy 1948 Retired in 1976, this trophy was originally presented by Bigwin Inn for Open Sailing Competition on Lake of Bays. Rededicated in 1989, it celebrated the winner of the Annual Laser II Competition. It was rededicated again in 2001 for the Laser/Laser II Day Championship.
Black Pete Award Bruce and Betty Campbell donated this award in 1983 in the true spirit of sailors under the tutelage of Peter Gibson and Nick Newbigan. It is awarded in each session of the Junior Sailing Program to the sailor who, by popular vote, had or created the most fun.
Brian Schaal Memorial Award Awarded to the individual who demonstrates courage and brotherhood. This trophy is not necessarily awarded annually. It is reserved for truly worthy candidates who have exemplified the aforementioned traits.
Byrnes-Leslie Championship Originally awarded for the Annual Dinghy Race for the Byrnes-Leslie Championship Bigwin Inn Lake of Bays, it was rededicated in 2001 for the Bronze Sail V Racing Championship.
CHUM Trophy This is awarded to the top Bronze Sail IV racer in the Junior Sailing Program.
Commodore’s Cup The Weekend Keelboat Racing Champ earns this trophy that was rededicated in 2001.
Cottage Club Regatta Trophy This trophy is bestowed upon the winner of this regatta that is designed to promote racing, organization and unity among cottage sailing clubs.
D.A. Poyntz Championship The Poyntz Trophy recognizes the outstanding Silver Sail VI racer in Junior Racing.
J.N. Dalley Dinghy Trophy 1933 This trophy was rededicated in 2001 to be awarded to an individual who wins any LBSC racing trophy for three consecutive years. The committee’s decision will govern.
Lamont Award The Junior Sailor demonstrating the greatest improvement, good attitude and good behaviour receives this award.
Mike Macfarlane Memorial Trophy The most improved silver sailor receives this award.
Nikki Fasken Memorial Award The Junior Sailor consistently displaying friendship and helpfulness earns the Nikki Fasken Award.
Norway Point Championship This award goes to the outstanding While Sail Junior Sailing Program racer.
Shepard Albacore Trophy This trophy was retired in 1983 and rededicated in 1990 for annual fleet competition. It was once again rededicated in 2001 to be awarded to the winner of the Around the Islands Race.
The Coolmine Cup 1947 The Coolmine was retired in 1977 and rededicated in 1990 for the Long Distance Racing Champ. In 1999, it was again rededicated and awarded to the sailor displaying the greatest degree of boat respect and seamanship.
W.E. Pinder-Stewart Trophy This trophy was restored in 1990 and is awarded to the weekend races’ top female scoring Junior Sailor.
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